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Welcome to Sheryl's Page

I created this site so I could share some
of the things I love to do like creating graphics using PSP.
There's links on the left navigation bar to my PSP site where you'll find various tutorials I've written.
There's also a link to my PSP Addicts message board.
If you enjoy talking about psp or sharing your work with others, come join my group.
The graphics on this page were all hand drawn by me using PSP.
I also designed the layout using Dreamweaver.
Designing websites is another one of my hobbies.
I'm hoping to create a page where I can offer some of my layouts to others.

Another enjoyment of mine is talking about a soap opera, namely Days of our Lives.
There's a link to my Days of our Lives message board and a link to some old videos from the show in the left navigation bar.

I also enjoy making earrings. This is a relatively new hobby of mine and one that has consumed most of my free time. I have made more earrings then I know what to do with and hope to set up an online shop and sell a few.
Here's a link to a page I set up with some of my creations.

My other big love is dancing. I took ballet, tap, and toe as a child and about 11 years ago started dancing again as an adult.
I usually make videos when we've learned new steps and break them down for my fellow classmates. Most of those videos are uploaded to YouTube.

I hope you'll check out some of my links and thanks for stopping by.
Be sure to stop in again and check for any updates.